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An unusually brief email to simply offer a genuine and sincere thank you for your concern, attention and compassion getting me back on the right track.  You really are good at what you do

You have been a great coach, mentor, and friend and clearly helped focus the diffused parts of me and put more diffusion on the parts that really should not be so clear and sharp.  Many have tried. Most have failed.

Francis M., Nevada


When I beganI was not sure what to expectafter a very short period of time it was evident that I would benefit greatly from our sessions.

 Coach Michael immediately launched into a strategy that included a 90-day goal chart and specific, suggested, steps to accomplish said goals.

 Some of my 90-day goals were: to gain independence from my in-laws with whom I lived and worked, to embark upon a complete career change for the benefit of my daughter and myself, to pursue my lifelong passion of playing music, to go back to school to further my education, to organize a massive record collection that had been out of control for 15 years…exercising regularly and quitting smoking.   

listened intently and began to suggest a plan of action.  He broke down each issue and gave me specific steps that I would be held accountable for weekly.  Each step was practical, manageable, and the fact that I needed to report back to him each week motivated me to take action.

 The results were noticeable at once.  I was out of my in-law's house and business and able to concentrate on my own DJ business and professional music career.  In no time I was acquiring new DJ clients through advertising, and rekindling relationships with old musician friends…playing in three different groups, bringing income from both performing live music as well as DJ work.

 Within that first 90-day period, I put myself on a daily exercise regime, quit smoking, and began the process of separating record albums which turned from 8000 to 1500 “keepers”...

 The seemingly daunting task of getting back to school was broken down into two parts.  We mapped out steps towards paying for school andnarrow down my interests in a career choice.  Each step brought me closer to actually attending school and taking a course of study I may never have contemplated on my own. I am now half way through a 7-month, 900 hour Computerized Accounting course at Hunter Business and Technical School, paid in full by state and federal grants.  I am maintaining a 4.00 grade point average and enjoying the process….

 On a personal level I found Coach Michael to be very genuine, patient, highly insightful, and possessing a great sense of humor. I believed he truly wished for my success and betterment and has been blessed with natural ability in helping others understand, reach, and maintain their goals.

I cannot recommend Coach Michael help move forward in life, and to reach new horizons. I have not only accomplished these set goals but have also implemented this valuable knowledge and practice in every area of my life. This is as a direct result of my work with Coach Michael.

 David L., New York 
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I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our sessions and what a benefit they have been. The clarity and direction you helped me to see in my business has enabled me to be in the business environment I had been dreaming of – It’s a reality, in no small part to you, and I want to thank you for helping me to steer a clearer course.

James F., New York

I have spoken to MANY people over the years (friends, career counselors, psychologists, veterans’ reps, and even other career coaches) as well as reading many guidance books about issues related to career and business. However, until now I wasn't making any real progress because I felt like people were not listening to me or understanding what I was saying (even the psychologists and other career coaches).

However, I find your approach to be different and far more effective, especially the idea of handwriting out your thoughts with regards to career…I realize now that is something I never tried before. Also, I like when you validate what it is I am trying to say. It is important to have someone acknowledge the reality of my situation when giving feedback.

Michael, thanks for being a great listener and for providing a unique style to coaching to assist me with critical decisions related to career as well as keeping me on track to achieving my goals.
John S., New Jersey


My first session with Michael was a very pleasant surprise. I did not know much about Life Coaching when I mustered up the courage to contact him, except that I knew that Life Coaches help people achieve their goals. When we began, I found him warm, caring, understanding, knowledgeable, and very professional. He was able to guide my awareness toward what was important to me, in a way that I was motivated to do the tasks I had difficulty doing before. I later completed them. Even though the first session was free, somehow by sharing with him my private ordeals, without judgment, he asked me questions which clarified, for me, my course of action. There was a considerable difference in the way I felt and was motivated to do the tasks I needed to do, before I began the session, to the way I felt by the end of the session. I had an optimistic smile on my face when I hung up. His abilities as a Life Coach, in my view, are superb. I recommend to everyone to try this first session. I have received only gains. I believe that the future will be as productive as this first session.

Anatol Z., New York

Clearly a gifted motivator… Michael has the unique ability to guide a person to a solid solution, then coach them every step, all the way to their ultimate goal.

Chris K.,  New York

It is rare that you can laugh your way into a new career. Michael Longobardi has the talent, humor and intellect to get you there in a fun and yet professional way. I am in the beginning stages of what I expect to be a wonderfully challenging and exciting time in my professional life and since there are no coincidences, I decided to take a sample session with Michael. In a relatively short period of time, he and I dealt with some fear based issues. He helped me to see and appreciate my successes. He then enabled me to set some realistic short term goals that I feel quite comfortable with. I believe that I experienced a real sense of what coaching is at its finest. Thank you Michael

Barbara K., Massachusetts

In my quest for living life wide open and needing true guidance, I found Life Coach Michael Longobardi.  I truly believe that if it was not for his guidance, I would not have been able to focus on my true direction in life and push myself beyond my limitations.

In today’s society we often have a hard time seeing our true path. Coach Michael held me accountable to my goals. Now I am living out my true desires of graciously helping others and feeling wonderful about it. 


The best recommendation I can give to anyone starting out as a new entrepreneur is to obtain an accountability partner. Michael does a fabulous job of holding you accountable and keeping you on track.  He is truly talented and gifted in helping others. 

Thank you Michael… My results continue to blossom!

Fran M., California

 I found that Michael’s approach to obstacles is to look at them from every angle and to attack them prepared with a plan that is sound, both logically and spiritually. He’s a critical thinker and he uses cutting edge motivational techniques to make mountains look like molehills again. The way we get lost is taking the wrong path, repeatedly. Michael makes sure you don’t do that to yourself and can help you get where you want to go. I personally have benefited from his techniques and directional candor to avoid pitfalls and to actually do what I say I want to do.
Martin G., Florida

 Michael, I just wanted to say 'thank you' for sharing your coaching wisdom. I am now confidently setting events in motion to go from being an 'aspiring author' to a 'published novelist'. You helped me set goals that were measurable (I can see the progress and stay motivated) and attainable (I can achieve small parts of the overall goal to combat discouragement). Thanks to your help, I am on track to see the publishing process begin in 6-8 months. I would encourage anyone who has an unfulfilled dream to utilize your coaching services.
Lee R., Ohio

 I just wanted to express my support of Michael Longobardi as a coach. Last year, I was at a crossroads in my life and thinking about changing careers and my whole life in general. Michael was the one person who I was able to speak to about my situation and he very patiently listened while offering his viewpoint & feedback. I believe that it was his combination of enthusiasm, humor, support and unique insight that has helped me the most. Michael was instrumental in my decision making process, and provided the right mixture of encouragement while listening to me talk through the specifics of my thinking. His compassion and understanding was a source of comfort to me. I know that Michael is someone that I am glad that I can turn to for help, and know that other people would indeed be very fortunate to have him as a resource.
Chris A, Montana

When I called Michael I was a little skeptical but desperate to try something, anything that would help me get "unstuck" and improve my life.  I knew before our initial consultation was over that I had found the right person!  Michael began immediately to change my desperation into inspiration by believing in me and encouraging me to believe in myself.  Then we went to work on practical, concrete actions to help me realize my worth as an employee and to seek the income that I deserve.  We began every coaching session by reviewing my progress on the actions we had agreed upon the week before.  My progress was slow at first but with Michael's gentle but firm coaching I soon stopped procrastinating and started getting results!  He has truly earned the titles of "teacher' and "coach."

Steven M., Mass

Sessions with Michael are very powerful, introspective experiences. He always left me with a range of new perspectives to think about with regard to my agenda. He really does see the full picture. His objectivity is a great asset.

Gerard K., New York

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